The University of Bolton is a public university in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England. It has approximately 14,000 students across all sites and courses, with 700 academic and professional staff. The University is based on a modern, compact, town-centre campus and their teaching quality has consistently won the highest ratings possible from the Government’s quality control agency.

The University of Bolton welcomes everyone with the ability and ambition to succeed and believe education is a right not a privilege. Keeping this in mind, preparing students for their future careers is a key strategic goal for the University.

The University of Bolton considers its international collaborative provision as a core activity within the University. Western College is the Sri Lankan Academic Centre for the University of Bolton (UOB). Therefore, we have a long-standing relationship with University of Bolton (UK).

Western College’s Undergraduate, and Postgraduate Degree programmes are quality assured by University of Bolton UK. The degree programs, which offer at Western College are internal degree programs of University of Bolton and the certificates awarded by the University are identical to those awarded to internal students studying in the UK. Through rigorous and robust quality and enhancement procedures, university ensures that the quality of the student learning experience is comparable to that of the University.

University of Bolton is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) Sri Lanka.