Accreditation and Quality

Quality and continuous improvement are concepts embedded in all aspects of Western College’s program and service delivery.  Quality Assurance is implicit in our commitment to student success. Western College is the Sri Lanka Academic Centre for the University of Bolton (UOB), UK. Therefore, Western College quality assurance framework comprising regular external audits by University of Bolton UK and internal quality assurance processes.

Apart from that, an annual `health check` is undertaken by the Establishment Services Manager and the Director Sri Lanka Campus.  This includes a review of quality issues and determines priorities for the enhancement of quality over the following year.

All our programs (full time and part time), including both new and existing programmes, are subject to systematic accreditation in the form of mandatory external quality assurance.

Western College’s Quality Assurance involves input and feedback from all our stakeholders.  We have built in regular and on-going communication with stakeholders in a variety of ways, including curriculum committees and program advisory committees, to ensure relevance and quality in programs. Learning enterprises and community partnerships also create unique learning opportunities for students.